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Cast :

Paromita Chatterjee, Rakesh Ranjan, Keya Gupta,Swati Singh, Prashant Updhayay, Mukesh Yadav,Puneet Maloo,Om Katare,Sandesh Patil, Dharmendra,Priyanka Kaul.

Writer & Director : Om Katare

Synopsis :

The story Chandu ki Chachi, is about Chandu, an orphan brought up by his aunt. He is completely devoted to her and wants to fulfil her every wish and desire which she dreams for him. But slowly this devotion and obedience takes a dangerous turn when it borders on obsessive behaviour.

This story portrays the eternal struggle of good v/s evil and finally good triumphs over evil and other hurdles, to come out shining

At Prithvi Theatre on 29th Janí17 at 12 noon
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