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Cast :

Anirudha Nag, Sarika Singh, Jaya Ojha, Gagan Rair, Paromita Chatterjee, Manish Popat & Priyanka Basu.

Writer & Director : Om Katare

Synopsis :

"Mummy Please" is the story of 'Aayush', a school going boy. Aayush is multi-talented kid and is equally interested in studies and co-curricular activities. Like any other kid of present generation, he is more in awe with computer games and Gizmos. But his mother wants him to concentrate more on studies and score exceedingly well in exams. At the same time, mother is not that much concerned about 'Anjana' her daughter because she thinks of her as mature girl who can adjust with time. Mummy curbs the freedom of Aayush and expects him to score nothing less than 90% like other highly scoring guys in his class. Aayush is stopped from going out, meeting friends, playing on computer. Aayush studies hard in order to please Mummy. Meanwhile, Mummy on the influence of her ever chiding neighbour keeps on tightening the disciplinarian acts. This leads to an atmosphere of misunderstanding, tension, stress and confrontation in between Aayush and Mummy. It goes on to such a height that they start talking in mono-syllables. Aayush stops eating food and keeps on studying without an interest just to impress mother.

'Piloo', the cartoon character stick on his computer monitor comes as relief in Aayush's life. The cartoon character turns real and develops friendship with Aayush. While fun factor returns back in life of Aayush, Mummy gets frenzy seeing Aayush talking to no one around as piloo was only visible to Aayush. Mummy and Anjana think of relieving Aayush from burden of studies before he turns psycho. Meanwhile, Aayush is on a different trance and his happiness quotient is not hidden with Anjana for long. Piloo becomes visible to both Aayush and Anjana, and this adds more to tension of unaware Mummy. She consults her Bengali typical "mom kind" friend. Friend comes with suggestion that kids keep on doing this kind of non-sense to skip studies and develop sympathy factor for themselves. Mummy turns into 'kali'. She unnotices the special efforts of kids to keep her happy. "Piloo" feels sad seeing the cracking developments in between kid and parents. He then seeps in sweetness in their relation with the help of his magic after consulting his peers from alien land. Mummy is so excited with the developments that she wishes to see piloo and they all dance together. Mummy promises not to over-stress kids and expand the burden of expectation whereas Aayush promises to deliver his best and create a balance in between his studies and interests in future.

"Mummy Please" is a play for kids in the age group of 5 to 55. "Mummy Please" is a must watch play as it bridges in so called "Generation Gap" and communication jerks in between Kids and parents. At the same platform it objectively finds the faults in kids and parents and helps them in finding a solution to it. In a subtle way, through various comical crests and troughs it somewhere jolts our conscience which results in making us thoughtful, smarter and better human irrespective of the factthat we are kids or parents.
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