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30 minute live concert by Naviin Gandharv with his band 'ANURAAJ`

Naviin Gandharv is a young multi - talented musician who plays the unique instrument called as 'Belabaharr' & the Tabla with equal passion & dexterity with his own distinct style which is a typical blend of the traditional & creative music developed from his mentors legendary Ustad Allarakha & Pt. Babulal Gandharv (the creator of the ' Belabaharr').His association with great maestros has polished him to be a dynamic & versatile performer.

It is said that melody & rhythm is a rare & uncommon combination. Like his name he is truly a 'Gandharv '.Born on 20 Dec 1977 in the heart of Dewas ,a famous place in Madhya Pradesh ,India where music is cherished since generations being born in the aristocratic family of Pt.Kashiram a celebrated Sarangi Master.He did intial training in tabla from his Nanaji Pt.Mansingh, Pt.Vishwanath Mishra & later grasped the fragrance of Punjab gharana from tabla wizard Ustad Allarakha .Impressed by his talent Ustad Ghulam Ali & Pt Brij Narayan shared with him some priced tabla secrets & intricacies of taal mathematics

Naviin's band 'ANURAAJ', is a product of his efficiency in Belabaharr & Tabla i.e melody & rhythm which is the only one of its kind which produces music different from all contemporaries, His compositions are blended by the nuances of ragas & interesting taal mathematics which is India's traditional heritage presented in a noble style

About Belabaharr

The Belabaharr is a unique instrument that combines the tonal effect of a Sarangi with the convenience of a Violin. It is not commercially available as a musical instrument, although it is approved by AIR and Doordarshan. Its commercial rendezvous is restricted to a few pieces in the popular bollywood hits like 1942 A Love Story, Gadar,Damini, LOC Kargil, Refugee etc.The Belabaharr has been a substitute to most varieties of bowing instrument like Dilruba, Tar-shehnai, Ravanhatta, Violin, Sarangi etc."

22nd Jan at 8.15 p.m.

Traffic Jam

Three arterial roads. That is all Mumbai has got for its three crore plus inhabitants who are always on the move. God alone can help anyone who needs to be rushed to the hospital in this traffic-choked city. Make way for this satire that says it all.


Enacted by: Noopur Jhanwar, Tasha Kaoor, Kamima, Avneesh, Sonam Singh, Sonali Vawal, Puneet Maloo, Vinayak Bhor.

23rd Jan at 8.00 p.m.
26th Jan at 5 p.m.

Main Nark Se Bol Raha Hoon

Written by Shri Harishankar Parsai, the great satirist and humorist of modern Hindi literature, this soliloquy gives a dead man's account of why he ended up in hell even though he led an honest life, lived in misery, and died of hunger.

Enacted by Aanand Pandey

24th Jan at 8 p.m.
25th Jan at 5 p.m.

Kahan Surakshit Hain Hum

As Nirbhaya breathed her last, India lost yet another daughter to the barbarism of its men. It is no secret now: India belittles, mistreats, brutalizes its women. Five women who have suffered at the hands of India's misogynistic men recount their horrors and ask: "Where are we safe in this country?"


Enacted by: Paromita Chatterjee, Sonam Singh, Tasha Kapoor, Sonali Vawal, Astha Arora & Prashant Updhayay.

25th Jan at 8 p.m.
27th Jan at 8 p.m.

Shooting Shooting

Bollywood is all about stardom, acting-skills be damned. A Bollywood star decides to go all innovative on the director of his movie and brings a device to the set that can summon any emotion in an actor with the push of a button. Director is not amused.


Enacted by : Mukesh Yadav, Tasha Kaoor, Astha Arora, Vikaas Raaj, Puneet Maloo, Rohit Sharma, Vinayak Bhor.

26th Jan at 8 p.m.
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